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June 11 2015

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Clueless production polaroids 

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Art by Phil Noto *

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The Art Nouveau advertising art of Henri Privat-Livemont

June 10 2015

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Difficult Wet Folding Technique Allows This Vietnamese Artist To Create Curved Origami

His name is Hoàng Tiến Quyết and his Flickr is here.


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me when people think the A stands for Ally


hawaiian things white people like:
- ukuleles
- luau themed parties
- weird hip sway hula dancing
- flower child aesthetic (leis, crowns)

hawaiian things white people don’t like:
- the struggle to protect our sacred lands and traditions from tourists
- the fact that our country has been taken from us illegally
- native hawaiians basically

June 09 2015


nonsexual intimate cuddling is important and valuable and good

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June 08 2015

like i get it boy you don’t want to have a serious thing rn and don’t want anyone’s feelings getting hurt and i respect that but if we both say we wanna kiss each other and think we can do that without catching feelings then why are we not making out right now explain lol 


[mom voice] targé

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fucken. clothes you know


closing the 20 tabs you used for a finished essay = euphoric calmness


tbh I don’t know why we’re only going after coleslaw. fuck potato salad. fuck macaroni salad. fuck every “‘salad”’ that’s basically just an amalgamation of mayonnaise and nightmares

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June 07 2015


I talked to an eight year old little girl yesterday and admired her Thor shirt.  I asked her if Thor was her favorite Avenger.  She shook her head and said "we can’t find a Black Widow shirt.”


long term effects of emotional abuse:

  • a distrust in your perceptions 
  • a tendency to be fearful or on guard
  • self-consciousness or fear of how you are coming across
  • an inability to be spontaneous
  • a distrust of people and in future relationships
  • anger that bursts out unexpectedly
  • sensitivity to anyone trying to control you
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Cephalopoda Amanita
(Alien flora/fauna)

Digital colour, inked lines


Pacific Rim: Well written and developed female character fights aliens with her golden retriever

Winter Soldier: well written and developed female character fights the government with her golden retriever and bird

Mad Max: Several well written and developed female characters fight everything with their confused golden retriever 

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